How CEOs can use Accountability Boards and Subject Matter Experts to help their organization perform and grow.

Get HelpEvery leader stands to benefit from the opportunity to regularly review with outsiders what s/he seeks to do, what has been done to do it, what has happened and what has been learned so far, and what s/he plans to do next.

It is harder to set up, operate, and benefit from outside help than it may first appear. Click on the image accompanying this post for a slide presentation of lessons learned and best practices that, if followed, will lead to improved performance and growth thanks to help from Accountability Board Members and Subject Matter Experts.


Bob Morris Interview Part 2 ScreenshotTop-100, Hall-of-Fame Amazon Business Book Reviewer, Bob Morris, recently conducted a two-part interview with IntelliVen CEO, PeterD. Click the image at left to see Part 2.  Click here to see Part 1.

Excerpts from Part 2 follow:

Morris: In your opinion, what are the most significant differences between great leadership and great management?

DiGiammarino: I agree with those that say you manage things and lead people but you also manage things in order to lead people so the two are not so much different when intertwined in great leaders. That ties in with the double meaning of the title of my book. Manage to Lead helps you to

  • Manage yourself to do things that every leader ought to do and when you do them you are de facto leading.
  • Squeak by in the role of leader even when you do not happen to be a born leader but you are a good manager!

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Critical Mass for Business radio interview uncovers why peer groups are important to leaders.

Ric Franzi, on Critical MasRadio Shows for Business radio, featured a 50-minute interview yesterday afternoon with Peter DiGiammarino to discuss IntelliVen and Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World. Click the play button below to listen to the entire show.

An excerpt from their discussion follows:

Franzi:  You have outlined a “Support Structure for Success” of the top executive.  In it you suggest a CEO have an outside Executive Group and Belong to a CEO Peer Group outside their firm.  Would you take us through your thinking and what you why you feel they are so important?

 DiGiammarino: CEOs who participate in peer forums help each other become great CEOs and better people. Specifically:

  • It is a place where a CEO does not have to behave as if s/he knows all the answers and can, instead, be genuinely open to input and where it’s ok to be vulnerable, and even to be wrong, in front of each other; there is no need to put on airs or skirt around the hard stuff.

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Amazon business book reviewer rates Manage to Lead highly.

John Chancellor reviewA Top-300 reviewer for Amazon has just posted a review of IntelliVen’s Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World.

Here are excerpts from the review:

“…companion website for supplemental information with lots of instructional videos, articles and other helpful information.”

“…provides a very good crash course in accounting for managers. Again, far too many managers are lacking in the basic knowledge necessary to understand financial statements.”

“…contains a wealth of detailed directions that will prove very valuable to any manager/leader.”

Remember to tune in to:  at 4:00 Pacific time on Tuesday, October 14 to hear IntelliVen CEO, Peter DiGiammarino, interviewed live by Ric Franzi on Critical Mass for Business Radio.

IntelliVen CEO to appear as World Strategy Week Panelist on the Role of Leaders in Strategy Success

WSW 4C logo lc rev 6 maroonWorld Strategy Week is a worldwide, virtual event featuring the best experts and leaders in strategy, strategic planning, and strategic management to inspire, engage and innovate.

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How to synchronize the language leaders use in strategy setting and business planning.

Terms commonly used in strategy setting and business planing mean different things to different people. A crisp common definition of key terms makes it easier for a leadership team to create and communicate organization strategy and plans. Assuming everyone has the same definition in mind leads to confusion…it is better to be explicit.

The following definitions have served many organizations well:

PURPOSE: Why the organization exists; lasts as long as the organization is around.

VISION: How leaders plan for the organization to be some time, generally years, in the future. Often best expressed in terms of where the organization was in the past, where it is now, and where it is headed. Updated annually but does not change radically except in extreme circumstances.

MISSION or BIG (Hairy-Audacious) GOAL: What the organization aims to accomplish by when; lasts until accomplished or until it no longer makes sense relative to other options; at which point it is replaced with a new one. Continue reading

Three Tips for Early Stage Professionals Seeking Their Next Job

Your first job out of school is NOT a life sentence.  The best move might be to take what you have learned so far and step out to complement it with a whole new set of experiences  before deciding to settle-in somewhere for the long haul.  

While it can seem daunting, if you remember that it is a job to find a job, read all the posts in the Job Search category of this site, and follow these three tips, the results may well be worth it:

  • Put your education at the bottom of your resume once you have any work experience. Education is most important only in getting your first job out of school.  From then on it is about what you have done in previous jobs that support and make a case for what you say you want to do next.

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Manage to Lead featured by Top-100, Hall of Fame Amazon reviewer of business books.

Robert MorrisIntelliVen sincerely thanks Robert Morris, top-100, Hall of Fame Amazon reviewer of business books, for featuring Manage to Lead on Amazon in US, CAN, and UK.

Here is a quote from the review:  “I like the various exercises that achieve two separate but related purposes: They help the reader to interact with the material, and, they also help the reader to apply whatever is relevant to the given enterprise.”

Click on the figure to read the full review. Let him and Amazon know you found it helpful if you like it.  Enjoy!


Critical Mass

Peter DiGiammarino to Appear on Critical Mass for Business Radio Show

Press Release 2014 09 09 screenshotIntelliVen is pleased to announce that Richard Franzi will interview Peter DiGiammarino, CEO of IntelliVen, live on his Critical Mass for Business Radio Show on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 4:00 Pacific time. Peter will be the show’s featured guest and will talk about his book Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World.

As a leader who has served successful companies in the role of CEO, Peter knows how to develop and lead teams of high-powered, driven professionals.  His emphasis is to create and implement plans that are true to the organization’s market, offerings, competence, and purpose.  Today, as CEO of IntelliVen, Peter and his team help middle market companies achieve their full potential to perform and grow.

On Critical Mass for Business, Peter will talk about the seven truths every leader must acknowledge and wrap into his or her life.   These truths emerged in a career that spans business, not-for-profits, government, and academia – and Peter will talk about how they can make the difference between success and failure.

About Critical Mass Radio Show

Critical Mass for Business Radio Show airs three times a week on radio station Richard hosts the popular internet-based business talk radio focused on topics of interest to CEOs running middle market firms across North America.  Critical Mass for Business Radio Show is available on iTunes, and Learn more at