IntelliVen Management Summary v5IntelliVen helps owners, founders, CEO’s, and investors in early-stage, high-tech and service organizations to get clear about what they truly want to accomplish, align their top teams, and fulfill their potential to perform and grow.

Leaders work with IntelliVen professionals to develop and align strategy with operations and implement governance, performance metric, incentive, and market development programs.

Specifically, IntelliVen helps:

  • Early-stage organizations, with annual revenue of $6-600M and 50-5000 people, that seek to perform and grow according to a plan.
  • Strategic initiatives or operating units of mature organizations.
  • VC and PE groups acquiring, seeking to acquire, or to develop, portfolio companies.
  • Organizations with under-performing assets, functions, programs, people, or units.
  • Owners, investors, founders, and management teams seeking exits.

IntelliVen Principals

IntelliVen Principals have extensive experience in board, advisory, top operating, and senior management roles in professional services and high technology organizations and in strategic operations, marketing, and financial planning.


Peter F. DiGiammarino

Peter F. DiGiammarino is a senior executive with more than 35 years...
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Steve Messner

Stephen C. Messner

Stephen C. Messner has over 30 years of experience in finance, general...
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Steve Easteray

Steve Easterday

Steve Easterday: has over two decades of strategy, technology and organization change...
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Halwig, David

David Halwig

David Halwig is a Principal with IntelliVen and provides strategic services to...
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Robert Silverman

Robert Silverman has nearly 30 years of experience building, leading, and guiding...
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Dan Ilisevich

Dan Ilisevich

Dan Ilisevich has 30 years of operating and financial management experience in...
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Richard Schwartz

Richard Schwartz serves now as Chief Operating Officer for Article One Partners...
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